Whiskey Mash Band

High velocity bluegrass ground out of Kansas City, MO. The new-found ensemble thrives on improvisation and genre-bending around core bluegrass instrumentation: guitar, mandolin, (bumpin’) upright bass and banjo. At a live performance, expect to see them effortlessly step in and out of a mix of Americana, country, traditional, R&B, blues and psychedelic music.

The group draws on their collective musical inspirations and aspirations to put together an energizing unique and fun performance fit to turn any occasion into a once-in-a-lifetime party.

Johnny Gleason

Johnny Gleason graduated with a music degree from Park University, Parkville Missouri, in 2009. He has been performing live since 2007 in several different groups including bluegrass, country, pop, rock, and jazz. He is a vocalist and a mandolinist.

Dan Perez

Dan Perez started out on electric guitar, jamming in basements with friends from school while exploring sounds from heavy metal, psychedelic rock, funk, and traditional acoustic music. Always with an ear towards rhythm and improv, he picked up the bass along the way and has been thumpin on the doghouse ever since.

David Megli

Banjo Pickin’ Fool

  1. Winfield Bound 3:41