Billy Brady was given his nickname ‘Bluegrass’ by his close family and friends. He’s a first generation musician with high hopes and goals set for his career. Born to a blue collar family that works as construction workers. Raised in Dearborn, MO. until his parents moved back to the Kansas City when he was about 5 years old. Billy began playing guitar at age of 16, learning from his close friends in the neighborhood. 

Influences such as Jimmy Page, Trey Anastasio, Billy Nershi, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Del McCoury, Jimi Hendrix helped structure who he is as a guitar player today. Roots in Bluegrass first began when he lived in the Ozarks one summer working at a fish hatchery. Soon after he played in a reggae band in Florida, but only after 6 months he moved back home to seek out his sound. Traveling to festivals across the country he finally had an idea and a voice to play bluegrass.

Bluegrass is the music that spoke to him most. Kansas City has been a blossoming area for folk and soon enough in 2014 he Co-Found a bluegrass group called Steamboat Bandits. Steamboat Bandits put out one record and tour rigorously around the country, but split up in 2018. A new group has been formed called Whiskey Mash Band led by Billy ‘Bluegrass.’ Come experience his bands sound and style!

  1. Winfield Bound 3:41